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InfoSolutions hires the best experts in the field of programming, IT-development and the best consultants in the field of organisation, management, production, logistics and finance - engineers with vast experience. Our staff is highly qualified and keep on improving their professional competences while being open to sharing their knowledge and experience.


• in business for almost 20 years internationally
• delivered software solutions to over 100 customers
• created a complex niche software systems, marketed internationally
• our developers have various professional skills and trainings
• recognized as a Silver Microsoft Partner


We support the Agile approach to custom software development projects, which brings benefits to both the client and the project team. Thanks to Scrum, we not only react effectively to the changing business environment, but also have full control over work progress. The iteration approach allows us to deliver fully functioning software elements within particular iterations.
Since communication is KEY to your (and our) success, we place a high value on staying in touch by creating and maintaining clear communication channels. We keep you in the loop, on your schedule, communicating in the format you are most comfortable with. To be clear and thorough, we would have you answer questions like these:
• How do you prefer to receive regular communication?
• What do you expect as a standard turnaround time for response to questions and issues?
• Who else (if anyone) in the organization would you like to also receive communication from me?
When is the best time to touch base with you (early morning, midday, or later in the afternoon)?
• How frequently would you like a status update and in what format?


  • Romuald Kowalczyk
    The system has simplified the process of tracking products from production using barcode readers while ensuring their full traceability and eliminating manual document entry, which can generate costly mistakes.
    Romuald Kowalczyk
    Project Manager at Koopress
  • Artur Szor
    In order to improve relationships with key clients, we implemented a system, which we find best suits our needs and our clients' expectations.
    Artur Szor
    Co-owner of Printmax

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