Technologies we use

Our tech stack is based on industry best practices and years of experience of our software developers.

.NET Development

We are an application development company that solves multiple web development challenges. Our software engineers have a vast experience in working with this technology and other development languages and development tools. Our company provides such developing services:

• Custom .NET application development solutions;
• 3rd party software customization and migration to your existing software;
• Maintenance and support services of your platform;
• QA and testing services for .NET systems.

Except being a so universal and unique solution, .NET is also very comprehensible for learning. Infosolutions strives to gain perfection in everything. Our technical expertise allows us to get the most out of all the breathtaking .NET capabilities. While programming in .NET we:
• Use C# at backend;
• Mostly, we code on NET Core, which is a popular open-source server-side version of .NET framework;
• At frontend we work with HTML, CSS, JS and other.

Our every .NET developer boasts tangible skills, and a solid experience in custom application and website development.

JavaScript Development

With an engineering history spanning over two decades, Java is one of the most battle-tested technologies on the market. It’s an excellent choice for a broad range of applications: from web applications and enterprise system to CRMs, and ERPs.

At Infosolutions, we use Java to deliver robust and scalable backend systems to customers who value the stability and quality of this programming language. Java also allows developing cloud-native applications which instantly positions them for success.

Our company is large enough to ensure that solutions we create are capable of addressing problems at scale. But we are also small enough to enable developers to have a significant and lasting impact. That’s the secret to how we managed to get such fantastic Java talents on board.


AngularJS is one of JavaScript open source frameworks that are widely used by front-end developers to create top notch user interfaces around the globe. It is effective in building single-page apps, one-page applications which require only HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on the user side as well as more complex solutions. There’s no use to compare AngularJS with other JS frameworks as long as this Google project was developed to standardize the very structure of a web application and provide front-end engineers with a future template for a correct way of creating a client-side web app. AngularJS affiliation with Google indicates directly to the framework’s efficient, reliable code and solid foundation.

Our company cares about its reputation as a tech-savvy, reliable, close-tight team of creative and hardworking specialists. We strive to deliver projects that are viable, effective, and functional and our dedicated team does its best to provide benefits to customers and successful experience to the users. Infosolutions has a great team of AngularJS developers that have been developing sophisticated front-ends since the inception of the company and by this time we’ve gained great experience in the sphere. And AngularJS is a reliable tool that helps us make it all happen.
node js


Node.js is a new web application technology that gives a significant advantage in building complex applications with rich functionality, single-page sites designed for a large number of user interactions. Today, a huge number of sites are written using JavaScript, and Node.js allows you to write full server applications and extensions using only this language too. Thanks to this, it will not be difficult to find Node.js applications developers for your project.
The main advantage of Node.js in its high performance during heavy application loads and a huge number of database accesses. The internal structure of it allows to output the results of the interaction without delay in time and in the right order. At the same time, the Node.js application does not require high-performance server hardware and provides excellent performance even on usual servers.

As you can see, Node.js development tools in some cases are a unique solution that allows you to avoid lots of problems in both development and support of the application, as well as avoiding unnecessary monetary investments.

Since there are always risks in applying a new popular technology to the project, the development should be entrusted to professionals only - hire our Node.js developers. Infosolutions team is exactly the people who know all the pitfalls of development on Node.js and will be able to protect the project from frustration and unplanned expenditure.

And we have the right Node.js developer, tester, and other IT professionals required to bring every of your idea into practiсe. In addition to the development and testing services, we offer our customers support services for the application and its constant updating, so that your site always keeps pace with the times, adapts to the needs of customers, provides secure access to data. You can always rely on help in managing, configuring and updating the site.


We offer iOS application development for the whole family of Apple devices — smartphones, tablets, TV and smartwatches. Whether you are looking for the experts to turn your business idea into a functional iOS application, to design a sleek interface and seamless user experience, to provide high-end coding or need full-cycle iOS development services, Infosolutions is the partner you need. Using more than a decade of experience in mobile development, we’ve had a chance to design and develop iOS apps for different industries and niches, including healthcare, energy, photography, sport, education and travel.


ReactJS is an efficient, flexible, declarative and latest open source JavaScript library that is used to build user interface. It doesn’t entail any templates, patterns, architecture like MVC or MVVM or any complex externals. Our ReactJS specialists develop applications for iOS, UWP and Android using this tool together with the native platforms. Considered as a wise choice for enterprises as well as startups, this tool renders easier creation of JSX support, interactive UIs and component-based developments. Non-risky, advanced and responsive are the three words in which React.JS can be summed up.