Custom software development

Custom software development is our main expertise and it has the biggest share in breakdown of our current projects. As you can see, scalable and high-performance systems processing terabytes of data can be found quite often in our portfolio. Using technologies such as Java, .NET, Angular and others, we feel comfortable with building the technological backbones of multi-tiered systems and integrating them with various 3rd-party services & APIs to create digital ecosystems. What we put a special care on is understanding the particular processes of your specific business & industry, to correctly address the problems and come up with not just right, but best solutions.
Since you can count on time-proven enterprise technologies, cutting-edge innovations and broad experience with custom software development, you can rest assured we are probably one of the best fits for you.
We provide high quality, cost-effective and reliable software development services that match your specific needs, budget and timeframe. From simple customizations to full-cycle software development that matches your vision - Infosolutions has the experience to deliver.

Web development

Infosolutions provides a team of skilled developers to help you with all aspects of your online needs. Even from simple website design to complex content management systems, we can help you figure out exactly what web development services you need. We provide both back-end and front-end development. Our proffesionals build web applications powered by bulletproof code, with optimal interfaces based on responsive web design. Furthermore, we put a great value on a design, applying latest UX trends and research results of cognitive science, as we understand that it matters.

Mobile development

We provide high-quality mobile application development and IT outsourcing services. We specialize in a wide variety of applications for every sector, each of which significantly increases the effectiveness of our other IT solutions. We create mobile applications and hold a portfolio of dozens of successful projects differing in complexity and designed for various business areas. We take on the whole cycle of development, starting with concept development and finishing with final product introduction.
Our experience and skills, combined with advanced tools and technologies utilized, allow us to develop complex, scalable, and functional mobile apps for iOS, Android, or any other platform.

IT consulting & analysis

Our broad and long-term experience serves not only in software development, but also to advise on various fields of IT industry. We can help you analyzing your project deeply, drafting its architecture and suggesting best solutions & technology stack to cover its requirements. Each project is different, but our experience in their various types will turn into save of your time and money. Our consultants work across all IT dimensions—from understanding current business processes to identifying gaps to creating strategic imperatives for digital transformation. Our goal is to help you focus on business process design and strategize and implement policies for continuous improvement and automation.

Support & maintenance

Today, the release of a project is just a beginning of a long path of its continuous development. Our Support & Maintenance team takes care of your product, using best practises, having rapid reaction time and 24/7 support, to ensure that it will be living & running without any crashes or bugs. We also take care of further development of your product and adjusting it to the constantly changing environment to secure your pole-position on the market.

Product development

You need an experienced tech partner to support you at every step of the way, from needs analysis and prototyping, through design and development, to launch and ongoing maintenance. At Infosolutions, we help visionaries build their software products using the most innovative technologies and product development approaches to ensure that the end result of our actions is a high-quality, flexible, and scalable product.

Quality Assurance

At Infosolutions, we take QA services and testing solutions very seriously. Every project created by our developers eventually lands in the QA Team. Quality Assurance engineers have two main tasks: ensuring the highest quality of an application and thorough software testing so it doesn’t contain any elements discouraging future users from using it. How do they do that? Read further to learn all about the day-to-day QA process in The Infosolutions.